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12 classic movies to watch leading up to Halloween

It just wouldn’t be Spooktober, without watching one or two creepy classics throughout the month.

With the day of costumes, candy, and gore quickly approaching, your urge to indulge in a spooky movie marathon may be growing stronger.


We wanted to offer up some suggestions on what movies from different genres you can’t forget to watch this Hallow’s eve. Don’t worry we have some kid-friendly ones too!

Superior Slashers

Probably the most classic genre for Halloween movies, Slashers feature memorable murderers and leave you in a constant state of anticipation.


Who doesn’t love a crazy, knife bearing murderer that preys on high school students?

<who>Photo Credit: Scream Movies Facebook Page</who>

With a four movie series, it’s no doubt that this one makes the list. Not to mention the star-studded line-up in the original 1996 release, featuring Drew Barrymore, Courtney Cox, and Neve Campbell.

If the mystery and anticipation of when Ghostface will strike again aren't enough to make you cringe, the over the top high school drama and dark humour should do the trick.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Rewatching a movie that was solely responsible for temporary insomnia? Sure why not, it is Halloween after all! Creeping suspense, along with seeing Freddy Kruger's mangled face, await you every time you lay your head on a pillow.

Though most millennials may remember the slightly less horrific 2010 reboot, we recommend the 1984 classic, because who doesn’t like looking at young Johnny Depp?


In all seriousness, this timeless slasher really is what dreams are made of, and will have you plugging in your night light from when you were a kid.

Friday the 13th

As one of the biggest horror franchises, equipped with multiple movies, a television series, and even comic books, you simply can’t go without it!

<who>Photo Credit: Friday the 13th Facebook Page</who>

You can’t help but feel somewhat sorry for the machete-packing killer, Jason. You’d be pretty upset too if you drowned in a lake due to neglectful caretakers at summer camp.

However, that slowly fades after the first dozen thrashings. Filled with ghostly vengeance, suspense, brutality, and of course, the necessary amount of cheesiness, Friday the 13th is one of the best for good reason.


It wouldn’t be the eeriest night of the year without showing a little love to Michael Myers.


This 1978 slasher thriller is one that simply can’t be skipped. With the new installment with Jamie Lee Curtis returning in her role as Laurie this month, watching this will serve as a great refresher for you horror lovers.

You’ll probably want to lock your doors upon completing this terrifying tale after all the masked killer does have a nasty habit of returning on October 31st.

Cult Classics

Iconic catchphrases, memorable costume design, and just downright admirable acting, these movies have far surpassed the once a year viewing.


Don’t say this title three times, or you’ll have a wicked world of trouble on your hands!

<who>Photo Credit: Beetlejuice Facebook Page</who>

Equipped with one of the grooviest possession scenes in cinema, and some wildly imaginative costume design, it’s no wonder this Tim Burton classic is still adored and inspiring pop culture today.

Packed with bizarre creatures, dark humour, and one mischevious Michael Keaton, this film is worthy of watching on any day.

The Shining

You can’t have Halloween without a little Stephen King, and The Shining encompasses all that we love about freaky movies.

<who>Photo credit: The Shining Facebook Page</who>

Twin Ghouls, creeping insanity, and a psychotic Jack Nicholson will make you think twice before staying at a hotel in a snowstorm, or listening to a child talk about their “imaginary friends”.

Triumphed with some of the most iconic one-liners like “Here’s Johnny!”, “Redrum!” and “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, The Shining, has definitely reached household status.

The Addams Family

You may know this twisted family from their television debut in the 60’s but more likely you remember them from their 1991 silver screen movie.


With its supernatural dark comedy and quintessential gothic style, it is no wonder this movie is on the list.

To the adorable and dark Wednesday, to Gomez and Morticia giving us serious #couplegoals, to Cousin It, the Addams Family are pop-culture icons to this day.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Tim Curry in lingerie, Susan Sarandon and Meatloaf? This movie is the definition of a cult classic.

<who>Photo Credit: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Facebook Page</who>

Adapted from the 1973 stage production, Rocky Horror has been revamped countless times, but there is just something about the mid 70’s movie that has people entranced.

Memorable dances and sing-alongs, a completely unorthodox plot for its time, and sidesplitting humour, Rocky Horror is much more than your typical freaky movie and will leave you shivering with antici...pation!

Family Faves

The best way to unwind after a night of rigorous Trick or Treating is snuggling up on the couch with the family and diving into another realm with a Halloween classic. Not too scary, but still crawling with spooktacular Halloween magic, these movies are perfect for the whole family!

Hotel Transylvania

One of the newest releases on the list, Hotel Transylvania features everything we love about Halloween but with a friendly twist.

<who>Photo credit: Hotel Transylvania Facebook Page</who>

From Dracula, and mummies, to werewolves and Frankenstein, this family-friendly movie features some of the most iconic monsters and will appeal to everyone.

With witty humour and great life lessons, this movie will warm your heart and fulfill all your Halloween hankerings.

Halloween Town

This Disney channel classic is loved and adored by every generation!

A whole town filled with goblins, ghouls, witches and all things spooky? We have all wanted to live in Halloween Town at one point in our lives.


After watching this movie you’ll have the itch to leap onto broomsticks and fight off evil warlocks, so have your wand at the ready.

Hocus Pocus

This second Disney channel movie is ridden with humour and black magic.



After 24 years this movie can even be considered a cult classic, as the memes of sass queen Winnie are in abundance throughout social media, and let’s be real, pretty relatable.

From black cats to soul-stealing, this movie really is just a bunch of hocus-pocus. Turn it on, grab your Halloween candy stash and plop down on the couch with the fam jam.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

All hail the pumpkin king! Perfect for Halloween or Christmas, this Tim Burton classic is the ultimate fright night family movie.

Photo Credit: The Nightmare Before Christmas Facebook Page

Equipped with one of the most memorable soundtracks, characters, and plots, everything about this movie screams Halloween down to the finest details.

From Jack’s unhealthy obsessions with Christmas to the Boogie-Woogie man’s sass ridden dance number and one of the most twisted yet adorable love stories, this movie has it all and has far surpassed being deemed a cult classic or plain old family movie.


Of course, we don’t have time to name all of the best Halloween flicks, but this should give you a good start! Grab your movie buddy, some candy corn, a security blanket and become immersed in all of the cinematic gold this list is dripping with.

What is your favourite movie to watch on Halloween? Let us know!

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