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If You're Cold, They're Cold

We see it every year as the weather turns cold, the inevitable post of “if you’re cold, they’re cold”, villainizing dog owners whose fury pals are out in the snow.

I’m here to raise my hand and tell you: I am one of those villainous dog owners, and here is why there’s no need for panic.

<who>Photo credit: Ok Pet Project

Please do not mistake this for me saying all dogs are comfortable out in the cold. If an animal is obviously suffering, do something about it. Call the SPCA (Kelowna branch / Vernon branch/ South Okanagan Similkameen)!

But if you see a big, hairy, happy dog covered in snow, know that the owner has likely tried to get the dogs to come inside about 100 times by now and is more annoyed than you are.

<who>Photo credit: Ok Pet Project

Certain breeds (such as Huskies, Malamutes, Great Pyrenees etc .) thrive in the cold. They have thick double coats that are incredibly good insulators and keep their skin dry both warm and dry.

While all dogs should have access to warm and dry shelter, the truth of the matter is that many of these “Northern breeds” are outright refusing to go inside.

<who>Photo credit: Mountain Woods Farm

Hudson, my mystery mutt, most certainly has one of these breeds in him, as every year when the snow falls, you can find him outside sleeping in the snow. I’ve had to go out in storms to pull him back inside against his will (it’s quite a site).

So, before you report abuse, have a look at what kind of dog it is. How are the living conditions around the mound of snow he’s plopped himself into? Don’t ignore your gut instincts but use your common sense.

<who>Photo credit: Ok Pet Project

Thank you from a cold-weather-loving-breed Mom!

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