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Furever Home Finder: Tala

About Me

Hi! My name is Tala and I recently arrived in Canada after being rescued in the Middle East.

My saviours found me abandoned and determined that I had been frequently beaten and badly abused.

<who>Loved at Last Dog Rescue

Due to this abuse, one of my legs doesn’t function quite right, but it doesn’t impact my mobility.

I confess I am a little insecure because of my past, so I will need your help to gain confidence.

I am currently in an urban foster home and my foster parents feel a suburban or rural home that is quieter would suit me well because loud noises are stressful for me. A man yelling or holding a stick can cause me to react protectively, perhaps because it triggers memories of my past.

<who>Loved at Last Dog Rescue

Golden retriever mix



Personality Description

<who>Loved at Last Dog Rescue

Having recently arrived in this country, everything is new and different to me but I am on my way to setting in. For now, I will be taking CBD oil to help lessen the stress I’m under while I get use to all this change.

I am already enjoying showing my affectionate nature to my foster mom. I enjoy coming up to get snuggles, and being brushed is oh-so-relaxing. As I start to feel safe here I have been revealing my playful side too – something I haven’t felt able to do for a long, long time.

Even though past abuse has left my leg injured, it will gradually get stronger as we go for walks together and I am looking forward to becoming more active in this new world.


I would love a home that is willing to help me get used to my new life in this great country.

If you have another calm, confident dog in the house, that would be very good for me, but what I need the most is a loving and patient owner to help me relax.

Do you think I could be the one you’ve been waiting for? If so, please contact Loved at Last Dog Rescue. For more information, click here.

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