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Face of Design + Management: Gabriella Milgrom- Vaisler

Penticton’s Face of Interior Design + Management knew at a young age what she loved doing -- reorganizing, and updating spaces until they felt right and expressed their purpose. She just didn’t know what it was called until her teenage years.

At the ripe old age of 16, she found the label of what she had been doing for years and started her journey towards honing her creativity and learning all the skills and tools of interior design and management.

For over 10 years she’s been helping business and homeowners alike discover how to design + plan the physical space of their dreams. She has applied her talents towards an array of restaurants, commercial kitchens, homes, hospitals, wineries, breweries and fitness facilities. With a degree in Interior Design and Project Management, and having successfully completed over 20 projects, Gabriella knows what it takes to help people create spaces that enhance the lives of the individuals who use them to live, work and play.

<who>Photo Credit: NowMedia Group</who> Owner & Operator, Gabriella Milgram with the Deputy of Morale, Hank the Tank

Jeengi (pronounced: jin-jee) started when her husband landed a job in Penticton and relocated the couple from Vancouver, where Gabriella was a Project Manager with Fraser Health Authority and found joy in helping to bring to life projects that would benefit people. When she relocated to Penticton, she found herself looking for ways to bring that joy back into her life; and so Jeengi Design and Construction was born. The firm helps clients get unstuck, finally reach their design vision goals and know the exact steps they need to take to bring their dreams into reality.

Jeengi is a unique name and came to Gabriella on a trip to Israel in 2019. As a redhead, Gabriella has always stood out in a crowd, but in Israel she not only stood out more, but adopted an endearing nickname within her travel group: Gingi; the Hebrew word for redhead. “So when it came time to name the company, it just felt right,” she says.

Having been boots on the ground for full scale construction projects, she speaks the language and knows how to manage a site; yet has experienced her fair share of industry bias.

“I understand the hesitation, overwhelm and self-doubt that women experience when undertaking a project on their own. I have had strong female mentors who taught me to let my background and experience pave the way, and to never hide my strengths or shy away because of my gender. I always bring my A game and let my quality of work speak for itself.”

At Jeengi, they know you want to have a home or business that perfectly reflects YOU. To do that, you need to design, organize, and execute each detail with precision and have a backup plan, or two, should the unexpected happen (which it will).

<who>Photo Credit: NowMedia Group</who>

“The problem is, you don’t have the time or expertise to design and plan your epic renovation or new build construction without feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. You don’t have the necessary vendor relationships, structures, or knowledge to understand the full scope of what you need to do to see your vision become reality.”

“We understand that you want to maximize your budget while also reducing stress. We have the methods, organization tools, and people skills to help you enjoy the process without so much overwhelm, self-doubt and worry. We have a variety of packages to suit your unique needs, from 1 ton 1 consultancy perfect for DIYer’s, to full service design and management that takes care of every detail for you; and options in between,” she says.

Like many other interior designers, Gabriella provides a design service. But her skills in seeing the full scope needed to bring an idea to life have helped many of her clients avoid project delays and budget pitfalls.

“Most individuals don’t know where to start and how to bring a design project together, so we created a framework that helps them simplify their design ideas, create great interior layouts, connect with contractors the right way and understand how to pull it all together on time and budget,” she says.

Stop feeling confused and stuck unable to start. Book a call and take the 1st step towards your design vision.

Cell: 236-500-0343

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