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Meet the fourth-generation Kelowna local whose eye for photography has made him sought after around the world

Nikki Csek recently sat down with local shutterbug Shawn Talbot to talk about all things photography and how he grew to become one of Canada’s most sought-after photographers.

The fourth-generation Kelowna resident has always had a passion for film and photography and has plenty of advice to give aspiring photographers.

Since starting his career in the 90s, Shawn has seen the way the industry has progressed from shooting on physical film to taking captures on iPhones and has been able to adapt to the changing mediums throughout the years.

His current obsession is shooting hotels, resorts and architecture.

“It’s an opportunity for me to travel. I love staying in hotels, I love what architectural photography brings for me… It gives me an opportunity to be a perfectionist,” he says.

His advice to passionate up-and-coming photographers is something that has stuck with him throughout the years.

“If you don’t run your photography business as a business, you won't last very long,” says Talbot.

“I would value my work very low to get the work, but then the problem becomes later on when those clients come back and you’ve evolved into the next stage of your career and you provide them with a quote. They go “Woah! That’s crazy!”, and then you’re done. It’s got to be sort of a gradual progression.”

To learn more about the local man who’s been shooting the world for nearly 25 years check out the full video above.

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