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VIDEO: Impaired driver unsuccessfully tries to run from Canadian cops

Who says that instant replay can only be used in sports?

In recent weeks, York Regional Police (YRP) in Ontario have been using their own version of instant replay on social media to shame law-breaking motorists.

Their latest example, posted Monday, involved an impaired driver that tried to flee from officers on foot on New Year’s Eve.

“The suspect wasted his challenge on this one,” the YRP Twitter account said.

The incident happened around an hour into 2023 when officers pulled over a man who was driving without any lights on.

Once the vehicle is pulled over, the driver exits and the officer asks him how much he has had to drink.

“Nothing, I haven’t had nothing to drink,” the driver says, seemingly slurring his words.

The officer then tells the man to get back in his car, to which he responds, “man, I’m sorry,” before taking off and trying to run away.

“You’re under arrest for impaired driving,” the officer says as he chases the man on foot.

The man does not make it far before he loses his footing and is apprehended by the officer.

“Upon review of the play, the suspect engages in a distinct running motion,” says the video from the YRP.

As he’s dragged back to the police cruiser by multiple officers, the man challenges officers’ claims that he tried to run, but they quickly tell him that it was all caught on camera.

According to the YRP, the man blew “well over the legal limit” and was charged with impaired driving.

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